“…The second youth that Electric Boys are experiencing continues unperturbed by the trends of the moment…”

Genre: Hard Rock/Blues/Funk Rock
Rating: 8,5/10

The second youth that Electric Boys are experiencing continues unperturbed by the trends of the moment, even with the eighth studio chapter of the band, which after the 2009 reunion, seems to have regained the verve of the best times. The previous records, respectively, "The Ghost Ward Diaries" and the fantastic "Ups!de Down," had made old fans jerk out of their chairs, but with the new record  entitled "Grand Explosivos" all fans of the Swedish band will be able to go wild and dance their hearts out to the rhythm of fantastic Classic Hard Rock contaminated with Glam, Blues,Funk and a pinch of acid psychadelia. "Grand Explosivos" goes back over the salient features of the band led by the talented singer-songwriter Conny Bloom, with eleven gripping songs based on a very unique scratchy and slightly raucous vocal timbre, catchy vocal melodies and choruses that are easy to assimilate from the first listen, bluesy/funky guitar riffs that are direct and catchy but never trite, and tasty guitar solos and arrangements performed by the aforementioned Conny Bloom and incendiary guitarist "Slim" Martin Thomander. As with the previous "Ups! de Down", we are faced with an album of tracks all killers no fillers... but wanting to mention the best and most enthralling tracks we cannot but cite the fantastic opener When Life Treats You Funky with its powerful and pounding groove and a very engaging anthemic chorus, I've Got A Feelin' with simply sublime choruses, vocal interlacing and melodies and the gritty and cadenced Karma's Gonna Get You that would not look out of place in a BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION album thanks to the pumped bass of the legendary Andy Christell and the steamroller drums of Jolle Atlagic. It is then obligatory to mention a pair of tracks that is simply sublime namely the romantic and decadent rock gem Missed Her By A Minute, with a chorus that will get stuck in your head and won't come out so easily, and then the infectious and irresistible The Great Believer, another track with a street and bluesy soul, made for singing along at the top of your lungs and head-banging. Impossible, therefore, to find any weak points in a set of songs crafted to rapture the listener from the first listen.
In conclusion... If you have never liked this band surely 'Grand Explosivos' will not change your mind. On the other hand, if you have always been a fan of Electric Boys or if you are a fan of bands like old Aerosmith, old Whitesnake,Hanoi Rocks and true Classic Rock in general made with blood and sweat you will love this album.
Electric Boys have not lost their touch, they enjoy iron health and with 'Grand Explosivos' they make us understand in an even more convincing way that they have "come back to stay." Congratulations


-       Track list:

   When Life Treats You Funky  

   Better Safe Than Sober  

   I’ve Got A Feelin’

   And The Band Played On - Part 1

   Domestic Blitz

   Karma’s Gonna Get You

   Learjet 3:01

   Missed Her By A Minute  

   Cozmic Jagger

   The Great Believer

   And The Band Played On - Part 2


 -       Line-Up: 

Conny Bloom - guitar, vocals
Andy Christell - bass
"Slim" Martin Thomander - guitar
Jolle Atlagic - drums


WEB: https://www.facebook.com/electricboys

Article by: Mike Matty