CAPE CRUSH – SAN SOUCI (Ancient Injury Records, 2023)

Punk energy and heartfelt lyrics for a melancholic walk in the past 

Genre: Power Pop,Emo Rock 

Rating: 9/10

A few weeks ago I was wandering like a madman through the cliffs and valleys of Trentino, Italy. You know what they say, sitting on top of the world? Right that, baby. Right that. Sitting on a bench on top of a high mountain peak, giving me a high highest than the highest high I've ever had. And I had many in my dull and meaningless life so far, believe me. Maybe the thin air had something to do with that as well, but I tend to leave my physics notions at home when I'm on vacation. I'd really like to die in the most oblivious way, you know, and I practice a lot this state of mind in my days off. Anyways there I was, looking downward to the crossroads of deep valleys that departed in every direction like a giant and eerie sea Kraken laid on its back, stretching its unholy limbs around. I was staring in awe at all those cracks in the Alp's flanks and no matter what I did I couldn't help but thinking of a humungous record's grooves. I'm a weirdo, I know. That made me feel homesick, and sad for no reason. May the gods forgive me, I had an emo moment. I needed something cathartic. You know, fight fire with fire. Well, what do you know? Last week news is Cape Crush released their debut EP, "San Souci", for Ancient Injury Recors. From the rocky coastlines and gloomy marshlands of North Shore, Massachusetts, here comes this 4-piece of scene veterans led by the dreamy voice of Ali Lipman. Just when you needed it, honey for my ears and relief for my poor wrecked brain. Six tracks of pure delight that brought me right back to the nineties, when I was still trying to grasp the meaning of it all whilst pretending to live without a care (sans souci, as they say in Paris); a false pretense of course, as the twenties are that bloody period in everyone's life when every little problem seems overwhelming at best. You know what? I must reassure Lipman, her heartfelt lyrics really are cathartic: "San Souci" took my blues away in a jiffy and left me in a pleasantly melancholic mood. Cape Crush's energy and quasi-punk attitude is refreshingly retro, though Zach Weeks' production is impeccable and polished: great job, God City Studio! Do you want a taste of your college days back? Sink your teeth in this madeleinette that is San Souci and I'll guarantee you a Proust-like experience of the third kind.



1) Avec Souci

2) San Souci

3) Sandwich Wars

4) Sunny & Boone

5) Mother's Day

6) Del Water Gap


- Line-up:

Ali Lipman: Vocals & Guitar

James Christopher: Guitar

Jake Letizia: Bass 

Cody Rico: Drums



Article by: Karl Eisenmann