"...a pure melodic metal album...filled with the spirit of freedom and unity..."

Genre: Melodic Power Metal/Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

After five years the French of GALDERIA are back, authors of an excellent, fun and melodic Power Metal. The ten songs that make up the album do not hold any surprises for lovers/experts of the genre, but they are really well structured and arranged and will surely break the hearts of the many true metallers out there.The basic goal in all the songs seems to be the search for the melody at all costs and the creation of catchy and enthralling refrains, but this does not at all mean that there is no depth in the compositions indeed, despite the absence of major twists or particular experiments, the songwriting is always accurate, fresh and never banal. The clean and crystalline production and the modern and energetic sound enhance all the tracks on the album, making them overwhelming and engaging, with keyboards often in the foreground both in the accompaniment and in the solo phase, lightning-fast guitar solos and a use of the voice and refrains that are at the same time intense, evocative, anthemic and unabashedly contagious. The songs that stand out and that are the main axes of the setlist are certainly the first single ELATION, STRIKING THE EARTH disruptive and incendiary with a pace to the limits of Thrash / Speed, ETERNAL PARADISE with a dizzying refrain that will enter your head and will not come out for a very long time, BURNING HIGHER where keyboards (on the edge of AOR) take center stage along with a wonderful guitar solo, and HEART OF MANKIND with an epic chorus that sounds like a real call to arms, sublime solos and an overwhelming battery that will sweep listeners away like a raging river. GALDERIA take it one step further and give us a well crafted little Melodic Power Metal gem that spits positive energy from every track and will transport listeners' minds to remote, fantastic and dreamlike places. The evocative and emotional intensity of this album is undeniable and will certainly tickle the palate of fans of the genre, but ENDLESS HORIZON certainly has the potential to be appreciated not only by the hard core of the band's fans or defenders of Power Metal but also by a wider audience. GALDERIA have now proven to be a band with its own concrete and tangible identity and a lot of strength to sell; To make the real leap forward, only a little more courage is needed: the courage to step out of their comfort zone, in which they have now proven to be masters, and to risk a little more from a songwriting standpoint so as to raise the bar even higher. In any case, a great album: congratulations.

- Tracklist:

 1. Answer The Call

 2. Striking The Earth

 3. Elation

 4. Eternal Paradise

 5. Gonna Change It All

 6. Come With Me Now

 7. Burning Higher

 8. Endless Horizon

 9. Heart Of Mankind

 10. Twenty One


-          - LINE-UP

-          Sébastien Chabot - Lead Vocals & Guitars

-          Thomas Schmitt - Lead-Guitars & Vocals

-          Julien Digne - Keyboards & Vocals

-          Max Pigon - Session Bass

-          JC Chicco - Drums

-           -   GUEST
Laure Nicolas: Spoken word on "Endless Horizon" 

Article by: MIKE MATTY

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