The legendary Electro/Synth band The Mobile Homes is back with the new album "TRIGGER" that will be released on March 26th via WILD KINGDOM RECORDS. 
"...It still flirts with the 80's, but now with more darkness..."
Band highly recommended to fans of: DEPECHE MODE, THE CURE, NEW ORDER, LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH and ACTORS

Genre: Synth-Pop, Electronic

Rating: 8/10

The new full length of Electro / Synth rockers THE MOBILE HOMES arrives after eleven years, and we can say with great satisfaction that the wait has not betrayed expectations. We are faced with a record that does not betray the identity of the Swedish band, but gives new life to the sound that has become darker, more complex and definitely engaging. The ten pieces that make up TRIGGER are of a truly high-quality electronic 'purity', an elegant sound stratification that sounds surprisingly fresh  while still winking at the ‘80s. From the opener VIA DOLOROSA to the instrumental final title-track, different influences float over the songs, from the techno palpitations of the NEW ORDER to the dark atmospheres of bands like THE CURE or BAUHAUS, from the poignant iciness of NINE INCH NAILS (PRETTY HATE MACHINE era)  to the melancholy romanticism of DEPECHE MODE… and so the album turns out to be a fascinating distillation of Synth/Dark philosophy extremely modern and evilly engaging. But apart from sound and production techniques, what counts in an album are, always, inevitably, the songs…and…also from this point of view, we can be truly satisfied! The level of song-writing is very good, we could almost define TRIGGER as an album of songs 'all killers no fillers' but having to mention the best songs we cannot fail to cite ZERO ZERO, THE SORROW STAYS FOR GOOD, MY GRAVEYARD, MIRROR and ONCE UPON A TIME I WAS HANDSOME, all exciting, engaging and with damn attractive refrains that will stick into your head… and I bet that they won't get out that easily. And It is precisely about the strength of the refrains and the ‘surgical use of words’ that I would like to say a few words: in the lyrics, although absolutely not complex, there’s a great ability of synthesis, expressiveness and immediacy of meaning and that’s really a winning weapon! The short vocal phrases, cadenced and beautifully interpreted, sound intense and sensual in their semplicity, full of a very romantic nostalgic passion; the voice, with its warm timbre, is never in the spotlight and it fits perfectly with the mood of the songs, dancing and moving on the elegant electronic carpets and differentiating itself according to the imprint to be given to the songs, always sounding touching and exciting. An unexpected and precious Electro/Synth-Pop gem that sounds alternative, dark and, in certain moments, even disturbing; an album that is a sort of journey through time, through electro, dance, goth and industrial...but in anyway an album that preserves a really strong “New Wave” nature; a Synth-Pop that at first listen might sound a little dated but instead it is marvelously fresh and modern. What else to say…Congratulations and welcome back to THE MOBILE HOMES!



01. Via Dolorosa
02. The Song We Didn´t Have Then
03. Zero Zero
04. My Graveyard
05. The Sorrow Stays The Same
06. Mirror
07. Once Upon A Time I Was Handsome
08. As You Said It
09. Obscurity
10. Trigger



Patrik Brun - Synth
Andreas Brun - Synth, Vocals
Hans Erkendal - Vocals
Sami Sirviö - Synth, Vocals
Markus Mustonen - Synth, Vocals