LOUISE LEMON – DEVIL  (Icons Creating Evil Art, 2020)

A journey through your heart and soul

Genre: Alt Rock,Death Gospel

Rating: 8,5/10

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years you'd surely have heard the buzz about Death Gospel. To be frank, we're not talking about the latest craze here, since the term dates back to 2006, year of the praised debut album of Adam Arcuragi, "Untitled". But if he's considered the founder of this genre that draws from traditional Folk, Gospel and Soul music and finds its focal point in the rich lyrical content, surely there's an undisputed queen around: Louise Lemòn. Since her first EP, "Purge" (2017) she's been linked to Death Gospel, even though her cuts were more connected to 70's rock and Psychedelic music rather than southern Soul. "The critics got it right, my music is Death Gospel. It's really what I do, it defines my feelings and my musical experience" says Louise. We couldn't agree more. Her songwriting can be enjoyed and understood on multiple levels, with so many underlying themes and nuances all deeply rooted in dark and rock traditions; her music is ethereal and structured at the same time. Her second LP, "A Broken Heart Is An Open Heart" (2018) was very polished and refined, though not so distant in terms of musical influences: "This time I wanted a more organic approach, something more direct, essential. Our aim was to reproduce that slightly rough feeling of a live performance. I don't like electronics so much. I need real music created by real instruments, if you know what I mean". Nailed, if you ask me: the five tracks of her new work, the "Devil" EP, are perfect examples of how you can match a rich musical fabric with a minimalistic approach behind the mixer. The title-track has the hypnotic grip of a church hymn: Anders Ludwigsson does a hell of a job with his keyboards, evoking an airy yet claustrophobic atmosphere. Taurus Woman is a wonderful ballad, sophisticated but at the same time quite catchy. "Would you like to work with other musicians? - I asked Louise - "No, not really" she answered. "I'm working with a great partner, everything I need is right here right now". Louise has been linked to several female artists on the basis of her sound, like Chelsea Wolfe, Anna von Hausswolff and Emma Ruth Rundle. "I like very much von Hausswolff's work, but I don't think I have so much in common, nor with her neither with Wolfe or others. I think I have my own style, my own sound". "And what about your influences? Is there anyone you find inspiring"? "I don't look for any artist in particular when we're talking about inspiration - she answered - at the very beginning I listened to a lot of pop music, like The Beatles or anything from the sixties. Then I got hooked to a more heavy, more "grungy" sound. Now I listen mainly to 70's rock music and R/B. But there's never been a particular artist who influenced my work, actually". And you better believe it. Just listen to Bathe in Gold or All my Tears (my personal favourite): anytime you think you're hearing something familiar the music takes a sudden and unsuspected turn, steering towards the very heart of Louise's soul. "Writing music has always been my thing. The most important aspect of my life. Composing for me is a natural process: I don't have routines, I don't follow any scheme. Music just pours from my heart, and I let myself go with the flow". So, take out your favorite music device. Play the Devil EP, and let yourself go in a journey through your heart and soul. You'll never regret it. Says I.


1) Devil

2) Forever Alone

3) Taurus Woman

4) Bathe in Gold

5) All my Tears

- Line-up:

Louise Lemòn: Vocals

Anders Ludwigsson: Keyboards


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