Live al WISHLIST di Roma

plus very special guest: Sacred Legion [Post-Punk/Deathrock]
opening: 3+Dead [Indie-Wave/Shoegaze]

Saturday 10th November at Wishlist Club, Rome.

Winter Severity Index is a Cold Wave/Shoegaze/Post-Punk project from Rome, Italy, by Simona Ferrucci, singer, guitarist, bass player composer and songwriter.
It was born in 2009 as a traditional band, formed by four young women. 
During 2010 the band published a self-released EP, "Winter Severity Index", distributed by AF Music, now sold-out. 
In the same year and in 2011 the band received lots of good reviews all over Europe and performed gigs in Italy, in Berlin and in Lisbon, at the Graveyard Fest. 
In January 2012 the project took the form of a duo, after the decision of two members to leave the band. Simona continued collaborating with Valentina Fanigliulo ( a.k.a. Mushy) . Simona and Valentina recorded the new EP " Survival Rate", released on May 2013 by Blood Rock Records. The EP, now sold out, has been widely distributed and collected many of good reviews from music magazines and web-zines.
Now Simona is collaborating with Alessandra Romeo ( ex Cat Fud and Bohemien).They recorded the first LP of the project, "Slanting Ray", released on April 2014 by Manic Depression and Blood Rock Records, now sold out. The album was presented in several venues and festivals all over Europe and was mentioned as one of the best New Wave album of the year by many magazines, both in Italy and abroad. Their second LP Human Taxonomy, was released the 15th of May by Manic Depression Records, presented live for the first time at Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig, and then in a lot of european venues and festivals. It was mentioned as one of the best production of 2016 by several reviews both in Italy and abroad.

opening by_
Sacred Legion were formed at the end of September 2017 by Fabiano (formerly of Chants of Maldoror and Sorry, Heels), guitar and voice; Mirko (formerly of Human Disease and Sex Chair Provider), drums; and Tony (also in Idol Lips), bass and backing vocals, with the intent of playing a potent, raw and evocative dark rock in the traditional style of bands as Christian Death, Shadow Project, Samhain, Red Temple Spirits, and others.

open act by_3+Dead

Musick To Play In The Dark. 
All genres. Must wear all black. 
Total Black


Dj Severance & Dj Frank Black

Wave | Indie | Post-punk | Darkwave | Classic Goth 
Minimal | Industrial | E.b.m. | Acid | New Beat

► Open 10pm // Close 5am
► Contributo associativo

Wishlist Club, Via dei Volsci 126/b [Roma]

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