MELODY LANE had a very interesting interview with GLENN GILBERT, the lead guitarist for THE PROPHETS OF ADDICTION and THE GUILLOTINES. GLENN told us how he got the job in these bands and talked about his past bands and future. 


GLENN GILBERT: Hi Glenn, where are you from and where do you live nowadays?
MELODY LANE: Hey Melody Lane, Thanks for talking with me.   I was born in Anniston, Alabama.    I grew up in Houston, Texas.  I don't remember much from Alabama as a child.   I do go back to see family every other year.
MELODY LANE:  Which bands and guitarists are your main musical inspirations?... And which are your favorite bands nowadays?
GLENN GILBERT: There were so many favorite bands growing up.  The most influential ones would have been Hanoi Rocks, Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Dogs d'Amour, etc etc....The list is endless.  Glen Buxton and Randy Rhoads  had the most impact on me and players.   Glen had an amazing tone and could lay the perfect bend at the right moment to really to grab you.  "I'm Eighteen" is still my favorite song.   When I started getting more proficient I got huge into the first 2 Ozzy records.  I bought all the Randy tab I could find and learned those songs inside and out.   
As far as what is happening currently,  I'm keeping up with  a lot what has been coming out of Sweden.   Bands like Confess, Sister, Santa Cruz (Finland) and For My Addiction (Greece) are the types of things on my radar. 
MELODY LANE: Can you tell us something about your past bands Vanity Crimes and Giant Kitty? Are both Houston based bands? Why did you leave them?
GLENN GILBERT: Vanity Crimes was a band I formed 3 years ago, intending to be like all the gutter glam, soho sleaze bands I loved.   We played a lot around Houston and one of my most memorable shows opening for the Quireboys on their 30th anniversary tour in 2014.   Vanity Crimes, was my labor of love but eventually too many things were on my plate and it got shelved.  It might come back to life at some point but for the time being, it's tucked away.
Giant Kitty is a "riot grrl" band from Houston, Texas.  When I joined we were managed by Mark White from the Spin Doctors and he really taught me a lot about playing bass.   I'm really proud of the record we put out, "This Stupid Stuff", and we played some very cool shows.   As things go, we had different goals and it was time to move on.   We are still friends and they can always call me to fill-in but their new bass player is doing a very good job so my phone may not ring any time soon.
MELODY LANE: How did you get in touch and become friend with Lesli Sanders? How did you get the job as Prophets of Addiction guitarist?...And  when, precisely, did you join the Prophets?
GLENN GILBERT: I had got hooked up with Lonnie Vincent (Bullet Boys) through Bill Degidio (Guillotines, Pagans) and Lonnie was opening for the Prophets of Addiction when they were coming through Houston.   Lonnie asked me to guest guitar with him on a couple songs so I got up and did a Poison song.   I wound up staying in touch with Lesli because I accidentally packed his bass strap up in my things and had to ship it to him the next day.    Eventually he asked if I could go away for a while and I flew up to Tacama for an audition.  I was asked to join in December 2015.
MELODY LANE: List 3 songs,  from the PROPHETS OF ADDICTION discography, that you like the most to play live in concert… and why?
GLENN GILBERT:  Spare the Bullets, Self Portrait, and Postcards from the Grave.   Welcome to the Show gets an honorable mention cause it's my favorite song that is NOT in the set list.    Postcards is always fun cause i get to unleash on the solo and the other 2 really feed into the energy of the room making them hi-lights of the show.
MELODY LANE: Could you tell us two bands you’d like Prophets of Addiction to tour with, in the next future…
GLENN GILBERT: Michael Monroe and For My Addiction.   
MELODY LANE: What do you think about the "unplugged" tour that you and Lesli are doing in February? Prophets of Addiction songs played only with two guitars... Are they working fine? Will you play also songs from your past bands or covers?
GLENN GILBERT: I'm very excited to play acoustically.   I love the challenge of taking a full-on rock song and trying to keep it impact-full while presenting it acoustically.    We will be doing songs off "My Eyes Are Greener on the Other Side", Lesli's solo EP and doing some deeper cuts from the Prophet's albums we don't get a chance to play live.
MELODY LANE: Apart from the Prophets of Addiction, tell us something about your other band: The Guillotines. How and when did you start working in this band?
GLENN GILBERT: The Guillotines is a really cool story, actually.   Bill Degidio was known as Robert Conn in a band call the Pagans.   The Pagans where originally from Cleveland and were contemporaries of the Dead Boys.   The night I met my ex-wife, my band did a cover of the Pagans song "Street Where Nobody Lives".  Years later I'm playing in a band with one the original members.   Now I cover Pagans songs with a real Pagan!  The best thing about The Guillotines is Bill still writes in that old school way.   You can't capture that sound quite like someone who was there.
MELODY LANE: What’s the difference between the musical style of Prophets of Addiction and The Guillotines? Can we define both bands Punk/Glam/Sleaze bands? As a new member, have you been free to write and propose your music unconditionally with both bands?
GLENN GILBERT: Lesli and Bill come from similar schools of thought and their favorite band is both The Ramones so...yea...."punk, Glam, Sleaze" will work.     As a new member, they both have encouraged collaborations.   In both bands we've worked on some ideas together and the chemistry seems to be very good so I can't wait to get some new stuff out!
MELODY LANE:  What has been your biggest achievement to date and what do you want to achieve in the near future?
GLENN GILBERT: I had to work very hard to be in position to accept a gig like POA.  2016 marked some amazing shows in my life that I wouldn't have been otherwise possible.    I'm very proud that I was able to embark the last tour with Lesli and POA.    In the future I hope to get some new music out and do it again.
MELODY LANE: In the end…A message from you to all MELODY LANE readers.
GLENN GILBERT: Thank you for reading and supporting music!  I appreciate you greatly.