MELODY LANE intervista in esclusiva la band rock danese dei REDWOLVES. Con loro abbiamo parlato dell'influenza che hanno avuto sul loro lavoro i grandi gruppi degli anni 70 come il Led Zeppelin e Deep Purple. Una bella chiacchierata che ci ha fatto scoprire questa band di cui consigliamo a tutti l'ascolto. 


MELODY LANE: Can you tell us where the name REDWOLVES comes from? Who's the founder of the band?
REDWOLVES: The band was founded in 2012 when Simon and Rasmus revived "Awesome Mr. Powerwolf" in which they had played, by bringing in three new members: Kasper Rebien, Randy Tesla and Jonathan Lemoine. Jonathan left the band in 2015.
In late 2014 we were contacted by the label "Nuclear Blast" who owns the trademark "Powerwolf", and we were forced to change the name. We changed it to the shorter name "Redwolves" to keep the reference to wolves in the name and to use the opportunity to get a less silly name.
MELODY LANE: Which (bands) are/have been your main musical inspirations?
REDWOLVES: Originally the main inspiration for the band was The Hellacopters, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. As our music has evolved we have included more and more sources of inspirations from both rock, metal and pop. The sound of the songs we are currently working on is inspired by bands like: Greenleaf, All Them Witches, Gluecifer, Black Sabbath, The Who etc.
MELODY LANE: The line up of the band is the same from the beginning of the band or have you had changes. The members in tour will be the same that played in the studio?
REDWOLVES: As explained above, the band was revived in 2012 from a much earlier project - "Awesome Mr. Powerwolf", which was more of an excuse for drinking a lot of beer, than it was a real band. Simon (guitar) and I (vocals) played in this band along with two other guys for a year, before it sort of dissolved. We still had an urge to play rock music, but it was not until 2012 we started again with three new guys: Kasper Rebien (drums), Randy Tesla (bass) and Jonathan Lemoine (guitar).
in 2015 Jonathan decided to leave the band and since then we have been a quartet.
It will always be the same members touring and playing in the studios. If one of us cannot make it to a concert, we cancel it. We are a unity - we write songs together, record them together and we play them live together.
MELODY LANE: What has been your biggest achievement to date and what do you want to achieve in the near future?
REDWOLVES: Personally I think our biggest achievement to date is our latest record the Walking Roads EP and the video for the track Got You on My Mind: Making a record (even though it only contains four tracks) from scratch is indescribable - we have made everything ourselves, from writing the songs to editing the cover art, making a home page and recording a video. It's a whole lot of hard work, but looking back at the result is the best feeling!
Some other great experiences are of course playing live concerts and especially our support gigs for Skambankt and Karma to Burn was great fun!
MELODY LANE: List 3 songs, from the REDWOLVES discography/album that can define the sound of the band … 3 songs that can help our readers to know REDWOLVES at the best …
REDWOLVES: From my point of view, our music consist of these element:
"Got you on my mind" - agression and straigh-forward-rock-ness
"Letting you go" - melody, tension and underlying melancholy
"Walking Roads" - references to old school rock in a modern way and the urge to challenge it

MELODY LANE: Tell us something about the creative process of REDWOLVES music. Is there a main composer or we can talk about a team work?
REDWOLVES: The songs come from ideas of a single member and then the band works on these ideas in the studio jamming togheter, or your songs are written in the studio and all the members compose togheter?
We write all our songs together. In general, doing everything together and seeking consensus on all questions about the music or the band is in the very DNA of the band.
Normally the ideas to new songs are presented by either Simon or Randy and then we all work on putting the ideas together. This collaborative way of writing songs means that we all feel that the songs are 'ours'. The downside is that we are working on 10+ songs at the same time, which can be a little confusing.
MELODY LANE: When can we expect to see REDWOLVES on an headlining tour here in Italy or Europe?
REDWOLVES: We are currently working hard writing songs for a future album, so right now we are not playing live anywhere, but hopefully releasing the album will give us the chance to cross the Danish borders and tour Europe (and Italy ;) )
We hope to release the album late 2017 or early 2018
MELODY LANE: Could you tell us two bands you’d like REDWOLVES to tour with in the next future…
REDWOLVES: Teaming up with Swedish "Vidunder" and German "Kadavar" would be nice, but they haven't asked us yet :)
MELODY LANE: Have you got also a “regular” job and different hobbies other than music, or music his 100% of your life? Is the same for the other members of REDWOLVES?
REDWOLVES: Playing rock music in Denmark is something you do as a hobby, (unless you are Volbeat or... Just Volbeat....) so we have to have regular jobs. Simon works as an occupational therapist, Randy studies German language, Kasper is a photografer and I study landscape architecture and work as a drama teacher.
MELODY LANE: In the end…A message from you to all MELODY LANE readers.
REDWOLVES: First of all thank you for your interest in Redwolves - It makes us very happy to know that our music has reached the most beautiful country of Europe.
I think my message to the readers (and I know the rest of the guys will agree) should be: DO IT! We have met so many people who have always wanted to play music, but never did because the safe way to live your life is to avoid making any kind of art at all, and it is such a shame to not live out the need for being creative, if you feel it. I'm not saying that you should all just pursue the dream of a life as a rock star (which we all have, don't we?), cause that will only bring you disappointment, but find yourself some friends to play with and discover your instrument, whether it is your own voice or it has strings, keys or cymbals.
Thank you again for your interest in the band.